Our acrylic prints are vibrant with high resolution detail and face-mounted on clear acrylic for added depth and visual interest. With the clear acrylic in front of your print you will get added depth, shine and protection for years to come. We offer two depths of acrylic prints, 1/4″ and 1/16″, as well as two mounting options, chrome stand-off posts and an invisible float mount. Great options for you to decide which is best for your custom acrylic print!

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More Print Types

Canvas Prints

Frame and wrap options to make your canvas prints truly custom!

Paper Prints

A selection of textured fine art and sleek photo papers.

Metal Prints

A popular choice that is durable with a sleek modern look.

Wood Prints

Unique option allows wood grain to show through the light areas of your image.

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1/4″ Acrylic Print

Paper Brand: Graphik Printworks
Printer: Epson P10000
Ink: Epson Aqueous

A chunky, quarter-inch acrylic print with four chrome mounting posts – This thicker acrylic print commands attention on any wall space. Great for larger artwork and photographs to give the art a substantial profile. The added detail of the chrome post caps are some bling to your piece as well as mount the artwork securely to your wall.

1/16″ Acrylic Print

Paper Brand: Graphik Printworks
Printer: Epson P10000
Ink: Epson Aqueous

This slimmer acrylic option offers a sleek look with an aluminum composite backing and wooden float mount hanging system. Perfect for smaller pieces or where you need a slim profile. The mount allows for a floating look once it’s hung on your wall.


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