[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Caring for your canvas prints will ensure they stay looking just as vivid as they did the day you got them. While normal wear and tear is always a factor, here are some tips to keep your canvas prints looking just like new!


Water is not your friend.

Display your canvas in a dry area. Humid conditions are just not ideal for photos on canvas, so avoid hanging them in bathrooms, above a humidifier, or in unfinished basements. To ensure your print last through the years, hang them in a place with low humidity and few variations in temperature like the living room perhaps.

Neither is too much sun.

Pick a place on the wall that is out of direct sunlight. Canvas prints that are exposed to UV rays can cause damage and fade the colors of the print. A little light isn’t a bad thing; just try to avoid continuous, direct sunlight at all costs.

Clean up those cobwebs.

Dust prints often with a feather duster or soft cloth. The dust has a funny way of accumulating just about everywhere, even on wall art. It will attack your canvas, so you’ll need to dust often. You can even use a slightly damp cloth to take care of cleaning needs, just be sure not to spray any water directly onto the print. Also, you want to make sure you’re using a very soft bristle brush or cloth while cleaning to safeguard the print.

Say no to chemicals.

Never use cleaners, solvents, or other liquids to clean your canvas. Sometimes messes happen. When you get a little more than dirt or dust on your canvas, avoid using household cleaners to take care of the mess as solvents don’t work well with artwork. Instead, try a professional cleaner. Many art shops may already know someone who specializes in this field and can direct you accordingly.

How to store your canvas print.

Store unused canvas prints in acid-free craft paper. Whether you’ve run out of room on the wall or you’ve just decided to update your canvas prints, you can store photos on canvas by wrapping it in acid-free craft paper found at just about any craft store. This will keep the print safe, and the acid-free aspect of the paper will protect the print from yellowing. You can also use bubble wrap, just be sure it’s acid-free as well.

Don’t waste your money having your photos printed on canvas only for them to be ruined in a year due to negligence. Use these tips to ensure your high quality photo print defies the test of time and continues looking great for years to come!


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