If you have landed on this page I am sure that you are searching for us due to spam emails with our company name showing as the display name/sender. These emails are in no way related to our business and are a form of phishing. Nothing on our end is causing this, we just happen to have a business name that the unknown spammers are using when they send their spam emails(Lucky us!). These spammers change their addresses with every message so simply marking them as junk does not block them. Everyone who has contacted us so far has Microsoft based email addresses(Outlook/Hotmail/Live/MSN). We have contacted Microsoft and this is the information they sent us:

Blocking the email wouldn’t be necessary anymore as we have alternative ways to counter this spammers. To prevent those emails from coming to your account, I highly recommend that you report them by forwarding the email to If the email spoofing was sent to an domain. Otherwise, you may visit this link: for a domain. Please know that the abuse team won’t email you with updates on the investigation, however, if the abuse team needs more information from you they will contact you, and I can assure you that by following this step you’re allowing us to look into this impersonation.

Also, please make sure that you report those emails as “Phishing scam” by clicking the dropdown arrow next to “Junk” at the top mid-part of the page, if you are receiving those emails in Inbox folder. If they are routed to Junk folder, click the dropdown arrow next to “Not junk” and option for “Phishing scam” will appear.

Please disregard the email and do not click on any link if ever you received one. Also, never follow the instructions in the email.

If you received the email in your Inbox, I would recommend you report that email as “Phishing email”. Here are the steps to follow:
1. Select the Phishing email you received
2. On top of the page, click the drop down next to the Junk option
3. Select Phishing scam.

I would also recommend you change your password to secure your account.

You may also visit this link for additional information on how to protect your Microsoft account:

For more information on how to deal with suspicious emails, you may also visit this link:


I hope that makes sense and that it works for you. The more people that report this, the more likely it will be that Microsoft will develop a fix. Please let us know!