Looking to decorate your space?

No home is complete without pieces of wall art. Family photos can make for great wall décor. Although family photos get a bad rap for being tacky when it comes to decorating your space, they can make your living space stylish if done right.

They can make your home feel cozier and give it some character. Let’s take a look at some photo wall ideas for creative ways of taking advantage of these beautiful items.

Before you start displaying your family photos, here are the do’s and don’ts to consider when it comes to displaying your wall artwork.

Don’t Rush the Process

Take your time and plan out your desired arrangement. It helps sketch out your plan and visualize the final result, providing an easy way to measure how to hang your display photos. You can rearrange the family photos until you love how they’ll look on your wall.

Compile the Necessary Equipment

You need the proper equipment to display your photos on the wall. From hammer to nails, you should ensure you use the right mounting hardware. Also, be careful when working on your walls as overdoing it with heavy-duty nails can create bigger, ugly holes on your walls.

Measure the Area to Display Your Photos

When putting up your canvas prints, spacing is everything. Putting your photos close together can make your wall look overcrowded. Ensure you allow at least four inches between frames, it makes each family photo stand out.

Don’t Be Ordinary

As you display your wall art, try thinking out the box to make your space unique. You can blend your family photos with artifacts along a wall to give your space a sense of movement.

Unique groupings and placements on your wall art help capture your personality. You can also add other elements like pallet boards to elevate your home décor.

Let Your Favorite Pieces Shine

Among your family photos, there is that one that’s the most captivating. You can start with this favorite piece when arranging wall art and build out from there. Always pay attention to proportion and scale, emphasizing the photo you want to see first.

Don’t Skimp on Size

When it comes to putting up your family photos as wall art, size matters. While a framed or canvas print can be the statement home decor your room was missing, it may feel off if it isn’t the right size. You want your wall art to be striking and pull your space together well.

Too small display photos can make your space look incomplete yet very large photos can make your wall feel a little bit crowded. To ensure that your family photos fit perfectly and complement your space, let the size of your art be just right for the room you put it in.

Let Your Wall Art Design Fit Your Budget

Don’t break the bank to create a designer-worthy setup. If you cannot afford the costly frames for your photos, you can create a stunning yet cheap collection of family photos on your walls to have an elegant high-end looking home.

Consider the Lighting

Make sure that natural light gets into your room and captures your wall art. It’ll give your family photos an added depth. What’s more, it highlights the intended textures of your display photos, giving them a three-dimensional feel.

Don’t Go Overboard

Be judicious when it comes to where you want to display your family photos in your home. If you choose a room, you should ensure one wall takes center stage and holds the photos while others play the supporting role.

Think About Your Wall Color

Wall color is vital in establishing a clean backdrop for your family photos. Selecting a neutral color that doesn’t have undertones will let your display photos be the center of attention.

Creative Ideas for Family Photo Displays

Family photos give your space a personal touch. But finding ways to incorporate a family photo display into an interior design can be challenging. Here are some ways you can display your family memories as wall décor.

Neck Down Family Portrait

If you’re looking for a photo that’s rather unusual and untraditional, this portrait lets you immortalize your family members from their neck down. The unseen faces give the family portrait an air of mystery.

Bulletin Board Photos

Classic bulletin boards are not only durable organizational tools but also offer a decorative edge to your space. You can use a clothespin to hang your photos. This type of photo display will work best with black and white photos.

Pallet Photo Collection

Pallets can be used for anything, including displaying your family photos. It is easy to make and adds some extra personality to your walls. You can choose to decorate your pallet photo display with paint or flowers to give it more edge.

Modern Photo Shelf

Want a more modern family photo display?

You can hang your photo on a long and sleek shelf. This photo display idea works best for your large photos. Ensure the shelf has high edges so that your photos don’t fall.

Family Desk Photos

If you have a home office, you can add some family photos on your desk or above it. It can personalize your space. What’s more, seeing the pictures of your family can help you get through the toughest workdays.

Black and White Mixed With Color

Another interesting idea is to match your colored family photos with black and white photos. You should print all the photos with the same dimensions and shape and create a symmetrical display on your wall. To get the most out of this display place them near a place with enough natural light.

Personalize Your Family Photos on Canvas Print

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