Have you found yourself disappointed by the quality of retail items? Do you struggle to find anything that accommodates your style preferences?

If so, you’re not alone. Many Americans across the country love to cut against the grain and break the mold. They yearn to express themselves in new and unique ways.

If that describes you, don’t worry! There are several ways to make an impression with your original sense of style. All you have to do is check out custom printing.

Custom printing can produce excellent results for a variety of products and materials. If you want to learn more about these options, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we’ll explore a few of the ways you can utilize custom prints. Let’s jump right in!

Custom Fabric Printing

When most people think of custom printing, fabric is often the first material that comes to mind. This method allows you to print custom designs and artwork onto articles of clothing, bags, and other fabric items.

How does it work, exactly? In recent years, developers have discovered ways to use inkjet printing technology to handle several substrates besides paper. These include canvas, vinyl, and fabric.

Printers formulate their digital printing for each type of fabric with which they work. These could include such options as cotton, silk, nylon, polyester, and other common materials. This way, they can ensure the printing doesn’t overwork and damage the fabric.

During the printing process, printers feed the fabric through the printer rollers. From there, the rollers apply ink to the surface. To do so, they essentially spray it with several thousand small droplets.

Next, they finish the fabric by using either heat or steam to cure the ink. As a side note, understand that some inks may require washing and drying.

What’s the end result? Eventually, you have a fabric that you can wear and wash the same as any other. You can create your custom designs using several imaging software solutions, such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

Custom Print on Metal

Have you ever created a piece of digital art that you wanted to display prominently? Maybe you managed to snap an incredible photo that you wanted to make pop on the wall.

If so, a custom print on metal can accomplish breathtaking results for your artwork. Metal prints can provide incredible HD quality and vivid color options that a regular photo print can’t rival.

Metal prints utilize two base color coatings. The base coat functions like paper, absorbing the inks that your artwork uses. From there, the base coat receives an outer coating of protection.

Typically, the first base coating uses either an opaque white option or a clear transparent one. The outer coating often uses glossy, matte, or satin finishes.

What sort of results do these provide? White metal, the most popular base option, offers a vibrant assortment of color with a traditional look. With rich colors and sharp contrasts, the result is an eye-catcher for sure.

You can also use a clear metal that lets brushed aluminum show through the image. It dims the colors of your print, giving it a vintage style. To capture its fullest benefits, consider printing a black and white photo on this metal.

Doing so gives the image a nineteenth-century style that would be hard to achieve through other means. If you want a unique style, this will certainly accomplish it.

Custom Print on Wood

Another high-potential option for your custom print is to use a wood base. The process for creating a custom print on wood uses a process called dye sublimation.

This method utilizes fascinating technology to infuse dyes directly to the surface of your wood base. To do so, it turns the dye from a solid to a gas, skipping the liquid state entirely. From there, the ink returns to a solid-state as it permeates the wood.

What’s the end result? By using this process, the ink particles become permanently infused with the wood. You won’t have to worry about it chipping off like a painting.

Most printers give the end product a matte finish, which will help the print resist glare. This method allows you to place the print anywhere in your room without having to worry about the sun blinding you later in the day.

Custom Canvas Prints

Finally, we arrive at custom canvas prints. These options have the most in common with the fabric prints we started this guide with.

To create a canvas print, you print an image onto canvas using an inkjet printer. Once printers have their final piece, they stretch the canvas onto a frame.

The type of frame varies from person to person. Some prefer frameless borders, while others enjoy framed canvas prints.

Canvas prints are often best for artwork. Their texture and appearance give a similar aesthetic to oil or acrylic paintings. Many prints of paintings you purchase likely utilize canvas printing processes.

Some people may opt to print a photo onto a canvas material. While this can work, you must choose your picture carefully. A poor-quality image could become heavily distorted on canvas, making the project a waste.

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