The average American spends $269 on Christmas decorations every year. If people spend that much on decorations they’ll use for a month, how much do you think they’ll spend decorating their home for the rest of the year?

Whether you’ve recently moved or you’re just refreshing your space, decorating a home is no small task. That’s why you need to get creative.

That’s where custom canvas printing comes in. Read on to learn why custom prints can help decorate your home and benefit you in many other ways.

1. You Can Display Glare-Free Photos

If you’ve ever hung up a brand new photo only to notice terrible glare on it, you understand the frustration. What’s the point in finding the perfect photo if you can only see it at certain times of the day?

With a canvas print, you can display your favorite photo without worrying about glare. You can choose a matte finish for the best results for preventing glare.

Canvas prints make it easy to show off your most prized photos no matter the room lighting or the time of day.

2. There’s Endless Décor Options

Sometimes the décor options for sale feel limited. None of the options are quite the right color or shape.

With custom canvas printing, virtually any photo ever taken could become a new piece of décor. That means you have endless décor options to choose from.

Whether you want a calming print of a lake to hang in your yoga studio or a fun, graphic print to hang in your nursery, the options are endless. If it’s a photo you can upload, you can create a custom printout of it.

3. You Can Create Custom Wall Art

Every home goods store has wall art for sale, but it never reflects your own personal taste. Plus, you know that hundreds of other people have the same art piece hanging on their walls.

With a custom canvas print, you can create custom art that no one else will have. Choose a favorite family photo, a landscape photo from a vacation, or a panoramic shot of your favorite place.

Custom art prints on canvas give you the chance to be creative without spending too much time or effort.

4. Canvas Prints Are Very Durable

While paper posters can tear or curl over the years, canvas prints will look just like they did when they first arrived on your doorsteps. Unlike glass-framed photos or artwork, you won’t have to worry about broken glass.

Thanks to their durability, they’re also very easy to transport if you ever need to move. You don’t need to worry about glass breaking or frames chipping. Plus, they’re very lightweight and easy to carry.

5. They’re Three Dimensional

gallery wall is one of the hottest home trends. It’s a collection of art pieces, framed or otherwise, that all hang together in a cluster on the wall. They can have a common theme or not.

The key thing in a great gallery wall is having plenty of texture and contrast. You want pieces that complement one another, but that can still shine on their own.

A canvas print is a great addition to a gallery wall because it’s naturally three dimensional. Thanks to it’s wooden frame, it stands out from the wall. That makes it a great central focus point to build a gallery around.

6. They’re Budget-Friendly

Custom artwork created by an artist can cost anywhere from a few dollars to millions of dollars. Plus, it can be tough to find an artist whose work speaks to you that’s in your price range.

Rather than spending money on an investment art piece, you can opt for something budget-conscious. A custom canvas print will give you the style of a custom art piece with very little cost.

You can choose any photo you have and create a totally custom piece. If you change your mind in a few months or you’d like to add more pieces to your display, simply order more canvas prints.

7. They’ll Stand Up to Humidity

There’s nothing worse than spending money on the perfect art print and watching it wrinkle or warp under the glass. Metal wall hangings can also rust if they’re exposed to humidity.

If you live in a humid environment or you’re just looking for art to hang in your bathroom, a canvas print is the perfect solution.

Thanks to the heavy-duty canvas material and strong wood frame, you won’t have to worry about your artwork changing over time. Years later, it will still look just as good as it did when you ordered it, no matter how humid the environment was.

8. It Makes a Great Gift

We all have those people on our list that are tough to buy for. That’s where a custom canvas print comes in handy.

Whether it’s a gift for your parents, best friend, or partner, a custom canvas print can make the perfect gift.

Think of a cherished memory with them, a favorite vacation, their favorite food, or even their favorite place and find or take a photo that fits. For your parents, it could be a photo of their grandkids. For a friend, it could be a long-forgotten photo together.

Your loved one will enjoy this gift because it clearly came from the heart. Plus, it won’t break your gift-giving budget.

Show Off Your Photos with Custom Canvas Printing

Custom canvas printing is a great way to add personality and a unique touch to your home’s design. You can choose any photo to create a special piece that will last for years to come.

If you’re looking for high-quality custom canvas printing, turn to us. At Custom Canvas Prints, we offer a wide range of print products in many different dimensions and finishes.

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