[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Photos are a treasure. They capture a fleeting moment in time and allow us to revisit those happy memories just by looking at them. Make your memories last for generations with a canvas printed photo that will bring your photos to life.

Traditionally, photos are displayed on glossy paper and hung in frames while canvases were mainly used for artistic paintings. Whether a photo displays a scenery or a family portrait, photos are art. They should be displayed in a way the preserves the beauty that attracted you to the scene in the first place. Canvas photo prints have a number of advantages over traditional photos:

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1. Professional appearance

Canvases can give the feel of the painted effect of art. The professionals in a canvas shop will be able to make sure the photo looks amazing. Your image’s flaws can be repaired by applying stylistic touches. And since there’s no glossy finish, viewers can focus only on the detail of the photo without distraction.

2. Durability

This is arguably the best attribute of canvas printed photos. The materials used in canvas prints are sturdier than paper. Archival canvas and inks will ensure your works of art will last for years to come. We also clear coat all of our canvas prints to be sure it won’t be damaged as easily. You can use a soft, damp cloth to just wipe away dust.

3. Easy Editing

All photos can be edited to achieve the look you’re after. Digital scans can be performed to then have a digital image to edit and print from. Editing such as removing objects or people or even get rid of dreaded red-eyes. If your photo is damaged we also offer photo restoration services. With canvas prints you can enhance your photos as you see fit! Your photos on canvas will come out exactly as you expected thanks to awesome work of professionals. You could even get creative and make odd sizes to create a unique piece of art or add a border along the photo’s margins to create your own frame.

4. Larger images

Canvases come in a range of sizes, from 6×6 to 48×60, and even bigger! This makes easier to display a large photo prints on canvas on any given wall. You could even split the photo into three panels and hang them side by side to create an even bigger scene.

5. Weighs Less

Frames can get heavy (depending on the type you buy of course). Overall, a canvas will weigh less than a framed photo. You can carry, hang, rearrange, or store them without the hassle of lifting too much weight.

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Photos are an important part of remembering and sharing our treasured experiences. They can be displayed in wonderful, creative ways that enhance the overall beauty of the moment. Don’t let your favorite photos be dulled down by traditional photo printing techniques. Enhance their beauty and stay up to date with a high quality canvas print instead.

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