Custom Art for Businesses and Schools

Why Custom Canvas Prints?

Your environment is important for many reasons. The atmosphere that we live and work can influence many things. For instance your surroundings can influence your moods, purchases, and even appetite! We provide you with unique and custom art for businesses and schools. We will create custom artwork for your home, office, or educational environments.

You have many photograph and artwork options to choose from. For example you have scenery, events, promotional items, company logos, abstract art, teaching materials or personalized artwork. Personal pictures of people and places can be printed on canvas. For example you could highlight employee accomplishments to create a pleasant and motivating environment. If you need ideas you should check our gallery . There you can find examples of businesses and schools that have used our services.

Is Custom Canvas Prints only for personal prints?

No! In addition to personal artwork, we are very experienced with corporate and wholesale orders. Canvas prints are not limited to family portraits and vacation photos. We want to provide original works of art for anyone seeking just that. Everyone takes photographs this day and age and only getting them printed occasionally just isn’t enough. You can spotlight employees, your products and services. Your franchise grand opening and other special occasions are meant to be shared and cherished. Whether you need a custom canvas for your home, business, school, gallery, or restaurant, we’ve got you covered. Let us create a customized canvas for all of your spaces. 

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Custom Art for Businesses

Your clients have many choices presented to them. As a result, you want your business to stand out. Inspire your clients and employees with original and intriguing prints. We all take photographs of beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery or places that we love. A great idea we’ve seen lately is businesses using employee or clients photographs. Add individuality to your office by keeping away from using stock images.

Personalized canvases allow original artwork, photographs, and corporate branding to be displayed in an elegant and eye-pleasing way. Let us know what type of aesthetics your office uses. We will help you create works of art that will increase the visual aesthetics of your office.

Custom Art for Schools

There are many ways that schools utilize artwork and pictures. For example you can display original artwork by students and staff. Photographs of events involving the school or student accomplishments are also a great option. You can even add quotes and motivational style prints.

Custom Canvas Prints can provide quality products that are more personable and customized to your satisfaction. Students and staff will love seeing their work printed in a highly artistic and eye-pleasing aesthetic way.

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Do you provide options for business and school accounts?

The team here is very familiar with print jobs ordered in bulk as well as continuously. Similarly we want to make sure we always provide the custom prints you want. In addition we will ensure that the finished pieces are for your company or school only. Contact us today for more information! We are happy to talk with you and help create original custom artwork that fits your budget and project goals.

Do you have an original piece of artwork? You’re in luck! We provide in-shop scanning as well as photography in addition to printing your beautiful custom canvas works of art. This will ensure that you get the important moments captured for you to remember for the years to come.

Most importantly we guarantee our products. You can be assured that you get canvases that are unique, beautiful and can withstand the test of time. Let us help you capture moments and beautiful scenery by turning them into works of art that others can view.


Contact Custom Canvas Prints today for your personalized canvas. Alternately, if you are more of a DIY type you can use our simple Create A Canvas editing tool. It will walk you through the print ordering process. However if you have any questions at any point you are welcome to contact us. Above all, we are here to help!