Without art, our world would be a very different place. It only takes one look at Leonardo DaVinci’s The Vetruvian Man to see how art has inspired medical, societal, and cultural innovations. However, while high-quality canvas prints remain ever-popular, metal-printed artwork is quickly becoming an accessible alternative. This isn’t surprising since they are durable, stylish, and surprisingly affordable.

Continue reading to discover why these artistic prints belong in your home!

What Are Metal Prints?

Art has come a long way since the Renaissance Period, and in more ways than one. Art styles have diversified, innovated, and changed, and so have the mediums used to create artwork.

For example, industrial printing presses allowed everyday people to own replicas and recreations of some of the most renowned art pieces in the world. But these paper posters don’t tend to last.

Metal prints, on the other hand, are explicitly designed to last for hundreds of years. Unlike ink-covered sheets of paper, metal ones are indelibly imbued with the ink that gives them their color.

As such, artwork printed on these sheets could be a valuable asset for collectors and everyday art enthusiasts. Still, the question remains: How are metal prints created?

Printing Art on Metal Materials

There are typically two types of aluminum used to make metal art prints.

The first is brushed aluminum, which has a noticeably silver sheen. The second is painted white aluminum, which is uniformly colored. We offer both of these styles also come in a glossy or matte finish.

But no matter which type you choose, the process of dyeing them remains relatively consistent. We can summarize metal art printing in five short steps:

  1. Choose an image
  2. Print the image onto heat transfer paper media
  3. Place the printed image onto the aluminum sheet
  4. Add heat and pressure (by using a heat transfer press)
  5. Remove the transfer media

The final result is a lustrous, captivating artwork that can last several lifetimes. Still, the long-lasting nature of metal prints isn’t the only reason why you might want to invest in them.

Benefits of Metal Artistic Prints

If you’re on the fence about purchasing metal prints, you’ll want to take a few moments to consider their advantages over other types of art media. For example, some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Durability
  • Easy cleaning
  • Reduced glare
  • Customization
  • Affordability

What do these qualities mean for you and your home décor or art collection? Let’s find out!


Though some metals can corrode over time, the types of aluminum sheets used to create metal prints are incredibly durable. Unlike a canvas of paper print, these are virtually impossible to tear.

In addition, metal prints are resistant to high temperatures, sunlight, and moisture. They are great in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, which tend to warp paper and canvas due to humidity and moisture. These qualities put traditional paper prints to shame.

After all, a sheet of printed paper can quickly fade after excessive exposure to sunlight. Printed art is also highly susceptible to moisture. Many canvas and paper pieces eventually suffer from mold damage.

Those looking to make wise art investments or create heirloom-quality prints will want to consider choosing metal instead of the more traditional media options. Besides, keeping metal prints dirt-free is easy.

Easy Cleaning

Keeping a paper poster or canvas sheet clean can feel like an uphill battle. Even the smallest amount of water can cause inks to run, ruining one-of-kind pieces in a matter of seconds.

But when you invest in metal prints, you’re choosing a product that is guaranteed to last a lifetime or more. That’s because the ink isn’t sitting on the surface of the metal. Instead, it’s part of the metal sheet.

So, if your metal prints get a little dusty or dirty over time, you can quickly and safely wipe them clean without risking the image printed on them. This unique surface quality also helps reduce glare.

Reduced Glare

White aluminum with a matte finish create far less glare than glossy aluminum or paper. They also tend to produce far richer colors than other types of media. This feature makes them an excellent choice for hue-rich art pieces.

You can hang your metal prints anywhere, in any room, and still see them clearly, thanks to this anti-glare design. That’s a huge advantage over paper prints, many of which are trapped beneath reflective glass frames.


You can use any image to create custom metal prints, including beloved family photos. This type of customization ensures that your favorite artwork, photographs, or illustrations can stand the test of time.

So, before you invest money into photo albums or paper posters, consider choosing metal prints instead. You might be surprised to find that many custom metal prints are just as affordable as their paper counterparts.


The price of a metal print varies depending on the size of the image and the quality of the metal. That said, most prints range from $5 to $300. This variability makes metal-printed artwork accessible to all.

If you’re curious to find out how much it might cost to print your favorite images on metal material, be sure to check out this pricing guide. You can generate an accurate estimate in a matter of minutes.

Invest in Creative Metal Artwork

Metal prints are just as varied and customizable as canvas or paper prints. However, metal artwork is resistant to heat and moisture, making it a far more durable option. Metal prints are also easy to wipe clean!

Investing in these types of artistic prints is bound to improve your home’s décor, as well as add a personal touch to your living areas. After all, you can choose any image for metal printing.

Are you interested in ordering custom metal artwork? If so, be sure to schedule a free consultation today!